Sunday, September 15, 2013

Super Six Sunday: Book to Movie Adaptations

Super Six Sunday is an meme hosted by Bewitched Bookworms (one of our favorite blogs) and inspired by "Top Ten Tuesday" from The Broke and Bookish. Today's exciting topic is Book to Movie Adaptations. So below is a list of my favorite books that were adapted into movies.

Super Six Book to Movie Adaptations


1.  Percy Jackson


Percy Jackson is a series of books I grew up with and really love. Initially, I was a little nervous about them being made into movies (as I always am), but I needn't have worried. The two movies that have been made are wonderful, in my opinion. I love the way the story was portrayed and adore all of the special effects. It's always hard to live up to the imagination of the readers with mythical stories like this, but it turned out great.

2. Harry Potter

Harry Potter is a series of books that I have a lot of respect for. I actually saw the first two movies before I read the books, but then I did read them and I started reading a lot after that. One of my favorite movies out of all of them, although they did keep improving (I think), was the Order of the Phoenix. It was the last book with one of my favorite characters and we got introduced to the most evil villain ever (and I don't mean Voldemort). The movie was a great visual of the book.

3. The Hunger Games

This book was amazing and so was the movie. They displayed parts of the book that I wasn't sure they'd be able to show. It was a really cool adventure and the world of the book was brought to life in the movie. From the poverty of District 12, to the wealth and elaborateness of the Capital, everything was wonderful.

4.  Breaking Dawn

While the Twilight series on the whole wasn't my favorite series out there, I loved the last two movies especially. The second part of Breaking Dawn had the most surprising twist towards the end of the movie. I didn't know what was happening and when I figured it out, I nearly shouted in sheer glee at the genius of the screenwriters. It was that epic.

5. The City of Bones

I loved this book. It is, at the moment, one of my top five favorites. (I don't have an absolute favorite because I can't seem to narrow it done.) Unfortunately, I haven't seen the movie yet. This drives me insane because a few friends of mine got to see it, but I haven't had the time to go to the theater yet. It's the movie I'm most looking forward to seeing right now, and I can't wait to see if it was done well.

6. I Am Number Four

This wasn't my all-time favorite book as some of it confused me a little bit, but I did thoroughly enjoy the movie. It was so action packed and had a little bit of romance thrown in. The special effects were awesome, as they are in all of my favorite movies. And I love Alex Pettyfer. He was perfect for the role and I couldn't have picked a better actor.

Well, those are my Super Six Book to Movie Adaptations.

What are some of your favorite book to movie adaptations?
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  1. I think The Hunger Games was a pretty fantastic book to movie adaptation. I think everything was really well done too. It definitely stayed pretty true to the novel. I am so excited for Catching Fire!

  2. Love your picks, Jordyn! I loved the Harry Potter movies but I never went back and picked up the books. The sheer size just overwhelms me at this point. The only ones I've read on your list were The Hunger Games series and the Twilight Saga books. I've loved all of the movies in both of those. But I have seen the first Percy Jackson movie and I did enjoy it. I have all of the Mortal Instruments books, and I'm just waiting for the last one to come out before I crack those open.

    Thanks for posting your list!

  3. Great list! I agree with HP, Hunger Games, and Breaking Dawn. :-)

  4. I really enjoyed the adaptation of City of Bones, despite the books being a 3 star read for me. It was visually breathtaking and while flawed, had a sort of campy appeal that makes me want to own it and watch it over and over.