Sunday, August 18, 2013

Super Six Sunday: Bad Bookish Boyfriends

Super Six Sunday is an meme hosted by Bewitched Bookworms (one of my favorite blogs) and inspired by "Top Ten Tuesday" from The Broke and Bookish. Today's exciting topic is Bad Bookish Boyfriends. And since Jordyn's always going for the bad boy option, we thought this would be a great post to do.


Bad Bookish Boyfriends

1.  Patch Cipriano (Hush, Hush Saga)

Patch is by far one of my favorite bad boys ever. I couldn't ever get enough of him. Not only is he a fallen angel that has some wicked talents when it comes to pool and poker. Nope. He's also got some kick-ass vehicles and he's secretly the sweetest guy ever. Patch put himself through hell for the love of his life. Unfortunately, she wasn't me.


2.  Kaiden Rowe (Sweet Trilogy)

Kaiden Rowe has obviously earned a spot on this list. He's a talented drummer, amazingly clever, and also really kind and loving (underneath, of course). And oh yeah, he's the son of the Duke of Lust. Lust. That means that Kai is basically made out of sarcasm and sex appeal.

3.  Damon Salvatore (The Vampire Diaries)

Damon. Oh, Damon. This Salvatore brother has a lot of years of being a bad ass. He's harsh, cold, and also kind of cruel. However, if you're paying close attention, you can see the moments where all he wants to do is fit in and be loved. And also, I swear this guy just doesn't lose.

4.  James Stark (House of Night)

Although Stark doesn't enter this series until the fourth book, he was my favorite as soon as I met him. He was seriously cool. He didn't take shit from anyone and he was super protective of Zoey. Also, Stark refused to die and went through a lot of pain in  Zoey's name, which was really sweet of him and showed his dedication to her.

5.  Tod Hudson (Soul Screamers series)

I'm sure there are people out there who disagree with this one, but I think Tod should count because he was a bad ass in my opinion. He was a reaper for one and only because he sacrificed himself for someone else. He was also cocky, occasionally arrogant, and always up for crazy plans. Plus, he faced down demons for his family. That makes Tod pretty damn epic to me.

6.  Cam (Fallen series)

Cam, though he turned out not to be the best guy ever, was seriously epic. Cam was the bad guy that was way more appealing than the "good guy" option that the heroine was being pulled and pushed towards. I honestly preferred Cam because he was there with Luce way more than his competition. Plus, he didn't back down, even when he was clearly losing.


And those are my picks for the Super Six Bad Book Boyfriends. Hope you enjoyed!


  1. I love your list sooooo much!! I mean of course, there is Patch and Kai just like on mine. Arent't they awesome?

    I totally forgot about CAM and you are so right! I loved Cam and I was always hoping for a spin off with him, but so sad we never got this!

    And Todd? YES he's awesome and I love this boy so bad!

    P.S.: It would be super awesome if you could turn of captcha :-)))

    1. I'm glad you like my list! I really enjoyed seeing yours today. You had a bunch of awesome guys.

      And I'm sorry about the captcha inconvenience . I must have forgotten to save when I turned it off.